Sometimes you fall just to fit between the lines

Being that I’m an enormous fan of Radiohead, I can pretty much back up anything that they create with enough confidence to sarcastically smile you into oblivion….then turn around and walk away while my defense waters your eyes. Needless to say, I absolutely love them and I believe they are my generations greatest band.

But then I heard this…

So I’ve knowingly stayed away from Pablo Honey because I heard it was probably their worst album. And honestly, that doesn’t bother me when you have albums like Ok Computer and Amnesiac/Kid A, The Bends, (and probably the best album to come out of 2007) In Rainbows. (These are just my favorite.)

But this song…

I really feel like Thom York has one of the greatest and most distinct voices in music today, and it seems like lately that is what vocalists are striving to have (Feist, Cat Power, Ray Lamontagne, Brett Dennen, Caleb Followill from Kings of Leon…all voices that can easily be picked out today). But when I first heard this song, I was totally blown away. It sounds like his voice didn’t know which way to go, so it just fell flat on its face.

But it’s ok. A lot of Cat Power’s early stuff doesn’t sound like her today. And I can’t even recognize Tyler Perry’s voice from when Aerosmith first started. Change is inevitable, might as well embrace it. But thankfully for Thom, he’s good at what he does, so his voice is impeccable now.


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