death is weird

death brings us life. it carries and opens. those that pass before us become our mothers and fathers, allowing us to see…a spotlight on time.

death allows us to feel. to know our happiness from being sad. realizing where the sun hits, holding us in a warm moment, hearing you smile.

it helps us to remember that we’ve lost and forgotten.

filling the shadows with comforting sighs. cupping our sleep and framing our dreams, allowing us to breathe with relief that your ghost is nearby, waving eternally.

death brings us closer to the earth, smelling the shapes and highs…seeing love in a shade of color bright as the sky.

but more than anything, it allows us to be free. free from fear that there is a place already occupied, with the souls/soldiers who have given their life

in this war we live everyday within ourselves.

i’ll miss you, sean mcneil. say hi for us to erin and missy and monica and crystal and michael and all the rest that have already been taken. i’ll never forget you and will always love you.

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