temporal relief

i just need a peek. a sleek path of peace and wilted relief. inside knowing out, dismissing the hate that only exists on screens. while my dreams and a morning pleased, aware of the sound and local keys, i feel the blighted rocks under my feet and look towards the stain of the tomorrow sun. knowing the lengths and understanding the sizes and remembering dates from trees. un-covering the fear of unsure shadows and feeding the breeze with hellos.

if only for a shot, to sit on the outside of down. and hear the laughter of mistakes and drink wine with the silhouettes, frankly speaking of how they slipped away from the Italian Front. to wake as is. feeding the day with their nights and breeding the bones of beautiful stars who will live forever as a galaxy, forgiven.

as the only way to ever, ever live.

take me to a place unaware of the boulders/ghost-clouds of hope, gristly streams of nickels & dimes, bleeding sludge into the water we drink. a dying circus of concrete/hallways of blow jobs that only know freedom from the takers who risk. where the lying young wear badges of deaths of those who regret and sin.

a place to know.
a step towards and over

to the freedom in me.

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