independence day

her face had the kind of balance you felt when drawn to majestic scenes; completed heights and fulfilled lengths. the greenest of eyes resembling a national park. a smile like white-capped mountains shyly appearing into view, like from a train. with the overwhelming seriousness of beauty that can wash you clean.

and it was important to look at her. you couldn’t look away. you just had to. because beauty like that instantly fulfilled its purpose. a universal gratification. an endless knowing of real. undeniable truth.

and then…

it’s inherently known that there’s an order to life. a layered existence. where i crumble beneath and within. an overdue allowance. money in the red. constantly trying to keep up. between the yoga and the coconut oil and the grains and the salads in jars. remembering how it hurts to run and realizing that i’ll never view myself as anything more than a couple of broken brows. heavy with the weight of useless fireworks. forgetting to spark. gray powder, burying the fuse.

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