loosening the grip

the further you push away, the closer you are to yourself.

i’ve recently felt empowered to just disable the resistance i’ve always had. release my fears into the world and sit with the ideas i’ve never allowed myself to think.

to let you hate me.
to let you dismiss me as something known.
to let you THINK you see me, a side-eye dealing.
to let your words define me.
to let my actions sweep through your mind with repeated hands.
to leave me behind.

to become whatever it is that you think i am, so that you may sleep.

to then let me fly off. into a place where you have no idea about. where there aren’t any names. no established colors or shapes. no frigid lines. and the only way to move, is out. vocational will. blankets of snow to wash the weeds. forces of hearts.

the force of a heart.
the force of his heart.
the force of my heart.

the force of us

being free.


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