“…being still ignorant, or rather supposing myself to be ignorant, of the author of my being, I saw nothing to prevent me from having been so constituted by nature that I might be deceived even in matters which seemed to me to be most certain.”

René Descartes, Meditations on First Philosophy

i think the older i get, the more i believe in magic. i was much more of a cynic when i was younger, but it was only due to the reactive nature of trauma. the more something hurt, the more i removed myself from any feeling.

but that was almost ten years ago.

the healing process is eternal. and vast. right when i think i’ve leveled out, something inside of me pushes me against the rails and i duck under to find a new route. sometimes it’s me. sometimes it isn’t. but either way, the changes in life pull from the spectrum and i’m bounded to the shifts — the distances of colors. interchanging with each other. forming new ideas.

so now, i’m grateful. for the darkness. for the light. for my insatiable desire to pick the distances that carry me further. outside of the lines. all the while forming my own shape. the highest contrast of myself and my known.

i’m building my first art installation and have started the path towards figuring something out i know nothing about.

the overall concept is capturing the technical aspects of moiré, a superimposed pattern that is created by layering two similar patterns. it’s a beautiful effect that we both are inspired by, so our interest is simply in recreating that on a larger scale. however, since the pattern is the simplification of layers/patterns, a fundamental aspect of nature and science, i wanted to throw in the the concept of sound and find a way to connect the two.

i’ve been prototyping patterns and seeing which ones are more effective.

as you can see, the boards are just cutouts with simple, straight and 45 degree angle lines. however, how we view them, depending on the nature of the light, a third pattern emerges. in physics, this is known as “interference” or wave propagation. two patterns superposed to form another pattern depending on the amplitude.

the effect is similar to phasing in sound — where two similar frequencies create a pattern depending on where the crest of their wave is.


and it’s everywhere.


so now that it’s known, i just need to see where it takes me.




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