month five

the more one focuses in to their own reasons, the more they identify less with other things. we don’t live in a place/time where boundaries have to define — but for some reason so many people feel that we need them. and i guess, for the greater good, for those who refuse to know themselves, maybe boundaries are needed to establish some sort of ground to walk on.

but for those understanding that introspection is a pathway to more, boundaries just muddy it all up. that’s why i’m obsessed with learning. i’ve always wanted to just take it all in then throw it away.

have had a few eventful weeks lately — holidays are always busy and time takers, but between seeing the sights and eating, i’ve also been working on my final research paper for my sound agendas module at school. trying to cram readings from Wolfgang Ernst, Pierre Schaeffer, Pauline Oliveros, Cage and more into four-six weeks is just wrong. But to align myself to my ridiculous, yet resourceful resolution for 2018 (and one of the most popular ad slogans of all time) , sometimes you have to just do it.

i’ve been getting more and more into Katie Gately these days. was pretty inspired by her while at the Ableton Loop conference and attended every show/panel she was featured in. she just released a selection of ambient songs on her soundcloud and i can’t stop listening to them. especially when i’m writing. i like ambient/drone/techno while i study and write, but her tracks…they’re just also inspiring. like when i listen to be-bop jazz and it pulls you in to this isolated mental space where things become clear and then forces you to respond with something intelligent to say or do. she’s great. i’m excited to know she’ll be coming out with a new album this year.

ok…i’ve reached my time limit with “free” writing…time to get back to work.