i did a thing!




hundred waters made me do it

i guess it has taken me a while

to view the synopsis of your heart —

a reconfigured alley way

where only the rain enters in —

black-hole-puddles, forming,

waiting to breathe with my steps

splashing through and in,

to the other side.


it’s my mistake that i never saw

the opportunity to rise above

that time i asked you

who she was


i guess i just got lost

along the/your way

episode: dream

sometimes in my dreams, the white pain(t) is chipped off the walls and the wooden/un-even floors are creaky.

the uneasiness, remains.

however, lately, lilac &lazy hues have been vanishing the sights and i’m left wandering. pathways of fog, dark lights. delays in my steps —Β always nearing something yet never, ever really there.

my guitar pick, white.
i’m klonopin-still.

and in a swift, Kendrick Lamar is plastered in pepsi, hurrying through a hallway towards an away from where i sway. i turn and am left

believing in the avant-garde-ness my 8-piece band plucks. our hands, on point. like Thelonious Monk.

a forte staccato.

and i’m finally born.

again. believing.